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Get ideas for home improvement gifts and gadgets that will make your life easier.

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The Better Business Bureau is warning Calgarians about a home repair scam following the downed trees and power outages after the recent heavy snowfall.

Calgary snowstorm scammers

The BBB is calling the scammers "storm chasers", adding they are generally from out of town and they go door-to-door giving residents "great deal" estimates on the cost to remove fallen trees and to repair damaged property. However, rather than being legitimate contractors, they will take a deposit for the work to be done from unwitting homeowners and never return again to do the work.

The City of Calgary fielded about 1,000 calls from citizens concerning fallen trees and damaged property, and it's a good idea to never give a repair man a deposit for work that is to be done, especially one who shows

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Check Out What's Hot For Interior Wall Colours in 20142014 popular home colours

When it comes to giving those inside walls a new look now that winter's winding down, purple appears to be the colour of 2014. Radiant Orchid, to be specific. Yellow and blue are also going to be quite popular this year. Now these colours won't be for everyone, but they sure do stand out as people use colours to help disconnect from the technological world of today and get back to the beauty of art and nature.

In addition, statement walls and walls with handpainted murals, are also going to stay popular in 2014. You might want to try something a little different as well. The experts are saying painting the trim and wall the exact same colour is going to make a splash in 2014. This creates a sense

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Calgary Homes solar energy for sale With the demand for residential solar panels is increasing day by day, many homeowners in Calgary are thinking of converting to renewable energy by adding solar panels to their roofs!

Purchasing the equipments upfront is expensive and often stops many people from making the move! Today, the leasing option, available through the Generate Choice Program from Enmax is offering another, more attainable alternative for residents interested in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and lowering their electric bills!! 

“Basically, it allows people an easy, accessible and more-affordable way of  adopting solar,” says project manager Mike Becker to the Calgary Herald. With a 15 year lease time that is enhanced with a warranty, Calgarians can now go green and limit

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Get your car ready for winter in CalgaryWith winter all around us here in Calgary,  don't forget to check out your car to ensure that it is ready for the chilly season! Find out how you can be safe while driving on snowy roads by following these tips that Calgary Home Team found in the CREB now magazine, they are very helpful that we thought of sharing them with you here as well:  

  • Testing your car's battery is crucial in order not to find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere! Use a multimeter to check it out yourself, or take your car to any major auto parts stores and they will do the job for you! The battery functions as the electricity storage in your car, if it is dead you can't start your car when you need it, and all electrical accessories will stop working as well.
  • Winter
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Calgary Leaky Condos What every buyer should know?  

Leaky condos is a hot topic in Calgary that generated a lot of publicity lately. The absence of building code for multi-family or high rise condo building exteriors in Alberta, in addition to the poor flashing and detailing, and the lack of understanding of the basic building science principles, especially how water moves through the building envelope are among the major contributing factors to the most moisture problems in the multi family buildings in the province.

The problem is mainly caused by the water penetration through the exterior cladding and window joints in the wall system, allowing mold to grow on the wall, and leading to the failures of envelope components. The migration of mold products to the indoor

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Quick and easy home maintenance tipsEvery house needs repairs from time to time! Some of them you can do yourself instead of calling an expensive professional! Learn how to handle a few home maintenance situations with these easy and quick tips from Handy Canadian: 

  • How to find a stud in the wall: if you are planning to add a wall unit and need to find the studs, look for screw indentations marks on the drywall, locate two of these vertically and the stud is just behind them. Another way is to turn on an electric razor, the sound will change when it runs over a stud behind the drywall.
  • How to replace a rotten fence post: remove the rotten post with the help of a pry bar, clean the concrete hole, grease a new post and pound it inside the hole.
  • How to keep your pictures in a perfect
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Building Permit CalgaryBefore starting a renovation job in your home that deals with any structural or system changes, you should be aware that a permit is required to make sure that what you are planning to do is safe and meet the Land Use Bylaw rules.

In Calgary most residential renovations will  require at least one of these permits, depending on the type of the work to be done: Development Permit, Building Permit, Electrical and Plumbing Permits,

A Development Permit is required for any new construction or change of use such as:

  • Retaining walls over 1m in height
  • Fences, if they exceed the restricted height in your district
  • Secondary suite additions
  • Any development to homes located near a river.

A Building Permit is required for any structural changes of

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cave houses

Alternative Housing - Chinese Style

Alternative housing choices during these tough economic times has become a reality all across the globe. In North America more and more homeowners are downsizing, and developers are building smaller homes as the old days of the McMansions goes by the wayside. In China, people are heading for the hills, with over 30 million residents making their homes in caves in the Shanxi, Henan and Gansu regions.

Not just a "hole in the wall," these caves have been fashioned out of cliff sides, have arched ceilings, large windows, skylights, and in some cases over 40 rooms. Some of these larger models are rented out as apartments. They have natural air conditioning in the summer, are warm in the winter, and have no stairs to

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Calgary Home TeamHave you experienced a broken compact fluorescent light bulb yet? Although it's certainly not a crisis, you should know that these bulbs require specific cleanup measures. Why? Because CFLs contain mercury, which can turn into mercury vapor if the bulb is broken. Being aware of the precautions you need to take in case a CFL breaks in your home is essential, as they've become the bulb of choice for many homeowners.

The most important thing is to keep the mercury all in one place so that you can remove it, and a broom or vacuum won't do that. Use these step-by-step instructions from HouseLogic for the safest, most effective CFL cleanup, and you'll be just fine.

Keep the damage contained - Open the windows and close the door to the room. You should turn

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Calgary Home TeamWhy pay someone to do something you can do yourself? Because, as HouseLogic notes, sometimes doing it yourself costs more than it saves. Did you know that more than 100,000 people injure themselves each year doing home improvement jobs? Those costs can add up, and ending up costing you more than if you'd hired a professional!

Use these tips from HouseLogic to decide whether to DIY or hire a pro:

Do your own routine maintenance

Let your own schedule determine when you do seasonal home maintenance. Because these are routine maintenance projects, your savings will add up. You can save up to $55-$65 every week (based on a half-acre lawn) by mowing your own lawn. If you have a bigger lot, you'll realize bigger savings!

It pays to do these things

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